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have afternoon tea then Burnie shows me over the hospital & I wind my way back at Sunset to Luna Park rather tired, but one dosen't think of that when seeing such interesting places. Miss Graham has kindly invited me to stay the night at Gordon House. After dinner Leslie Holden calls with a motor & we go off for the lovliest drive to Mata rich & back & talked of old times etc. etc. This morning the 30th Sisters Davis & Greenaway both on night duty deny themselves their sleep to accompany me to see the Citadel Museum & Shepheards Hotel- Started at 9 a m to enjoy ourselves little guessing what a treat was in store for us. At Cairo we take an Arabier & turn towards the Citadel. Nearing there the streets are packed with people- crowds & crowds everywhere. What is all this we ask & I suddenly exclaimed The Sacred Carpet starting from Mecca- No they said we would never be so lucky, but on reaching the Citadel we find I was right & they commence to go in about ½ an hour. This shortens our sight seeing at the Citadel & instead of seeing the following- the Cannon foundry, Arsenal, Palace, the interior courts & the gigantic wells- called Joseph's Wells. We only have time to see the Mosque Mehemet Ali and I preferred seeing this to the other

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