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But those little roadside to the right and left as far as you could see, then for 15 miles we pass on through the sacred ground. I became silent My heart ached, for this is part of the vast valley of the Somme, where lie so many of our own heros who have fought and fallen – some things are too sacred for words.

The driver points out where the tanks first went into action. A few ruined ones are still about ruined from Aeroplanes too And the Craters from the explosions of the first mines. The ruins of Bapaume come next and about another 10 miles brings as to our destination. It is situated between two ruined villages – Etres & Etricourt and 5 miles behind The firing line. We have come 50 miles & tis midnight – Matron receives us with "We are frantically busy and I want one at least for duty straight away. Twice I volunteered but wasn't accepted. And the others were very tired for they had been 2 days on the journey – finally we all dossed into somebody elses bed & rested till morning. Now I am hesitating – shall I or shall I not tell you about the C.C.S. My experiences there –I shall write them up and let ;you decide – You see I know and you can only imagine – but the 2 months spent there I will write separately and any who would care to see them please say so, but a word of warning I would not make you sad or depressed 'voluntarily' but there was no brightness there – there was unself-

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