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During those fearful days our thoughts were constantly with the boys on the peninsula and wondering how they were faring- but little did we realise their sufferings until the wind abated & they began to arrive down with their poor feet and hands frost bitten. Thousands have been taken to Alexandria- hundreds the boys say were drowned because their feet were so paralysed & they coulden't crawl away to safety in time. Some of the boys are losing both feet- some both hands- Its all too sad for words- hopelessly sad.
Dear old Colonel Stawell has recovered and insisted on coming back to us- 5 of the Sisters have returned too. They look so well after their 6 weeks in England. Colonel S brought me a letter from Mrs Fiaschi. She was very upset at seeing Colonel so ill- He is paralysed but there is hopes of his recovery though it will be slow.

Last night we heard distinctly the bombardment over the Peninsula and on getting up today find that preparations are being made to take in another thousand wounded. We are expecting them in to-morrow. I got up early to-day to go c S. Rush and an escort to Portiana- a Mr Walker – such a fine fellow from No 2 Stat Hsp. Such dirty primitive places these Greek villages are- but we think we have discovered someone who will do laundry a bit decently. The laundry is one of our greatest difficulties here. We are

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