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have read it. It's long & interesting & tells of how our boys appreciated the Café when they first came over & I think, it helps those left in Australia to realise that there is goodness & love always to be found & work done that they were unable to do themselves. I will copy the last few lines – "I find it very difficult to refer to the last week or two before the first departure for the Peninsula. It was too much like the breaking up of a family "We've come to say good bye to you was a constant remark, some would enter & sit down very silent & thoughtful "It is just like leaving home again" they would say. Private talks were constantly desired by ones or groups of twos & threes. Home addresses were left with a request that she would write to Mother – Sister or Wife in case I fall "private possessions were put into her charge to send home if they never came back to claim them. One young boy who had been a very constant visitor left a tin box containing letters from home another with some clothes & a camera. He never came back. He dies on a Hospital Ship of terrible wounds. The things all went to his Mother & the brave letters that came in response depicts one of God's rare saints that he sends to this earth only once in a while.

As for the L-S She said very little, only the night before the first 3 brigades left, as we were walking home from the "Shrine" she suddenly was unable to stand & leant against me a few seconds for support. "they are

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