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The next days event is too much to write about so I must condense it really – Very early a lovely motor is ready And the lady of the H. has gathered together all the warm coats & wraps us well up. Tis a drive to Stirling – To see the wonderful Stirling Castle – the old bridge – and Wallace Memorial. It's the most historical spot in Scotland. The view from the Castle one of the most wonderful in the world – we see where the battles of Salkirk Bannockburn & others were fought as all so interesting – And the drive indescribably beautiful the whole way – when darkness comes & our bright light from the motor lights up the road under overhanding trees for miles – we think we are in fairyland – and we have been 110 miles.

23rd Sister Rush and I leave the others and the home of restfulness but. We want to see Edinburgh ere Rush returns to duty & I to see friends in Manchester. We arrive at 3pm book a room at the Caledonian & one that commands a beautiful over of Edinburgh Castle – two Churches & Princes St. Then we drive out in a [indecipherable] 8 miles to see the Firth of Forth bridge I wasn't particularly impressed with that – but the city of Edinburgh impressed me as being of the finest & dignified of Cities & my one regret is that I couldn't stay & see more of it.

In the evening in a Resturant we meet 5 of our Sisters & they all exclaim "have you heard the latest news? The Canadians are taking over the Hospital – What News – but we ought to be prepared for these sort of shocks & somehow I did wis we would stay in B for the spring – another packing up a fresh relay of things to buy – Still we never Settle again. This party visited Stirling Yesterday too & went to stay at

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