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After Russia's Anarchy and Italys' reverses this was the best news we had had for something 'Sir Julian Byng's big Success 'The Cambrai Victory. And I was on my way up to help and with some shame put away my selfishness and said. Whatever is is best.

22nd November The drive out from Amiens I could never forget Twas my first introduction to the real waste devastation And desolation and which one needs to see to know the full meaning of war. To see the empty shattered ruined homes of the villages we pass through. I saw beside the driver – he has been driving over the roads of France Since 1914 so pointed out everything. We left Amiens at 7.30 pm (by a faint moonlight) and for miles and miles drove under a long avenue of trees until we reached Albert, passed slowly by the Cathedral And looked up and saw the bending Lady – from there the ruins begin becoming worse & worse as we go on – the true havoc of war – not a tree left from the once beautiful Avenues – only the torn ragged stumps remain – and they are touched with whitewash to guide the traffic on dark nights for the nearer one gets to the war gone the lights are put out, every now and then a torchlight suddenly flashes out on us from the middle of the road & a sentry with a big voice calls out "Who goes there" We stop a moment for in inspection then the Signal "Carry on is given.

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