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We pray it will come.

The warning comes again at 9.30. The Colonel thinking the Nissen huts the safest place – Sends us over there – Its great to think our planes are up there to meet Fritz. He was discovered at midnight in a streak of moonlight, but a few shots soon scares him away – and soon after our machines come humming home. A terrific thunderstorm breakes – And so we have a better night.

M- and I go again to the Club – It is a boon to us this 'H.R.H. Princess Victoria's Rest Club for Nurses". Lady Algernoon Gordon-Lenox is the head of them. She is there to-day. It gave us much pleasure to see her. She is very beautiful and charming. Shook hands and said how sorry she was to hear we had had such a dreadful time.

How I hate the nights – If I go to sleep its only to dream of guns and bombs and Aeroplanes. It is so silly to have this feeling of fear. Yet, I don't know I wouldn't believe anyone who said that they were not afraid. If one could only get to and retaliate but you are, at their Mercy )No we're not for they haven't any' and utterley powerless. This is exactly how I feel under shell fire. As soon as I realise that F is here and the guns start 1 by the way, each shot that is fired costs (4.15-0-) I seem to lose nearly all my strength. A band tightens around my head – my senses are nulled, whether

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