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and am daily or hourly expecting my special Patient in- then after that I can look forward to soon rejoining them at Lemnos. Happy day. I can't feel at home here amongst the majority of English there are a few stray Aust's & N.Z. nurses here- also some of our soldiers- and I think they all feel like I do. The English Military manner or reserve somewhat clashes c the free broad-minded & independant spirit of the Australians-yes I think we are certainly distinctive. When I go to church & look around I take a pride in recognising an Ausn- by the expression of his face. The badge later confirmed it. Then an Eng- soldier will whisper to me "Sister though you are an Australian I'll say this "You know the Ausn Soldier dosen't know discipline" dosent know discipline- I maintain they do and not in a mamby pamby way either- certainly it seems they made one mistake, and at what gain and what cost. Now I hear that at the Dardanelles they are putting one Aust- 3 English- one N.Zer & so on in line so as to stimulate the fighting that speaks for itself dosen't it? Of course there are always exceptions. You could hardly believe what a strong point nationality is- quite akin to religion.
Alexandria's chief charm I think is the seaside they say it is not so Oriental or Egyptian as Cairo. The population consists of Egyptians-Arabs-Syrians-French-Italians Maltese-Greeks & British soldiers-oh and Indians. The permanent

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