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to Shepheards that one reads about in books. We now return to Heliopolis I bid farewell to the girls at the Palace Hotel, & go in search of Dr Griffith who lunches there to congratulate him on his engagement to Miss Hay- My time is limited now & I have a number of officials looking for him- but unfortunately he has been delayed & I finally go without seeing him, but whilst waiting I pass down one of the corridors & who should recognise me but Essington Day- dear old boy. I was pleased to see him. I had made several enquiries about him but not knowing his No. or regiment its most difficult to find anyone- worse than searching a needle in a haystack. He has had typhoid fever badly but is improving & looking forward to returning to Australia for a few months. He was in the 1st landing & one of 28 of his regiment to escape unhurt.
At 4 p.m. I say goodbye to friends & Cairo & have a pleasant journey back to Alex- part of the way conversing c 2 colonels- one Colonel C Longhand- a friend of my brother Johns.

The last few days we have been staying at the Majestic Hotel. Tomorrow I report myself to General Babtie as ready for Lemnos so quite expect he will say to catch the first Hospital boat that is going &

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