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After that she always left extras & things she thought they would like. The following is a tit bit from one of her letters to me at Lemnos "I am going to give a dinner to the whole Ambulance camps (Ausn) There are 100 men belonging to the 1st 2nd & 3rd Transport Section & the L.H. Stretcher bearers. We are getting quite excited about it. I have 9 turkeys in my back yard trying to fatten them up for Xmas day & all the material in my kitchen ready for plum puddings & several ladies are coming out to help lay the Table with nice white cloths & plenty of fruit & flowers & little present on each man's plate. I want them to have a real Xmas treat. I feel that one cannot do enough to bring a little pleasure into the lives of our brave boys".)

I remarked to her the other day. " see you're still spoiling the boys I don't believe you would deny them anything" She laughed & said "No not if I could possibly get it for them" & her motto is "Never to say no if its at all possible to say yes. Some time ago there was an Article published in an Ausn-paper. Called "The Pioneers" British Soldiers' Café". Twas written by Miss Ghryoeb & the Lady Superintendent mentioned is Miss McConachy. Some of you may

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