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10th The boys are all improving and as they are better they are sent to Montazah at Alex – for a fortnight before rejoining their regiment.

11th Tis the little Elisenas' birthday.

12th Our Ward closed down this am & the boys that were left were sent to Sister Rush's ward. It wasn't a bit nice Saying good bye to them.

13th I am off duty for a week unless something unforeseen happens. So am getting my things in readiness in case of a hurred departure & so as any spare time can be given to saying farewell to the places we have learnt to love in Egypt.

Last night a small party of us took our tea & went out to the pyramids. I've never see the Sphinx & pyramids (the largest covers 13 acres of ground & the stones that comprise it would build a wall of 4ft high & one wide all around France) that give you an idea of its size, & its height is 451 feet. The next to it is 447 feet high. Then theres the Sphinx very mutilated now but it impresses you with its great strength & has a wonderful power of mystery. How they all stood out in the light of the setting sun – soon we look behind & theres the full moon peeping up & its rays over the Nile & the citadel & the grey hills behind are very beautiful. I feel as if it was a good bye visit but it couldn't

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