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convoy that was going to No 30 – but they say they are in a worse plight then we – Its madness of course with the huts unfinished and leaking like they are – but one never says die – My Two theatre Tents are blowing into rags and tatters, so we must move into the new theatre – Are we winning the war?

29th Twas so restfull in bed last night – no flapping Tent against your bed – The convoy went straight to Blighty.

Sept 2nd Mary and I have the day off – The wind is still whistling around the corners so we decide to spend it indoors. Go to Church parade in the a.m. A nice Service Four Americans are present. They are patients of ours – find fellows keen and alert – with a charming spontaneous manner and a quiet self assurance that puts one in mind of our boys – splendid easy physique too. I feel sure the Sammys will be favourites with the Aussies. In the Afternoon Miss Davidson leads me two observers and I devour them. Towards evening the wind dies down. Then Myra Dora – Mary & I go for a walk to visit The Soldiers Graves in the Cemetry. They are in a portion of the French Cemetry and well cared for.

The French idea of decorating graves are quite different from ours. They go in chiefly for Artificial Wreaths and sprays made of fine beads – purple white and green. Over the grave a little room is built – with these hanging around inside, I

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