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raid. The Matron of the Anglo-Belge Hospital told me that 20 French Soldiers (starting on their leave from the trenches) were standing near the Hospital when a bomb came and smashed them up, only one was alive – he was wounded - She had him in her Hosp: At another place 4 British officers were playing bridge at a little table. The G whose hand was dummy for that game, left the table for a few minutes – when he went back – what a shock – another bomb had done its worst. In a French home a Mother was in bed with her 11 days old baby. The Mother and Father were taken – the wee little orphan remained unhurt. I say with Ginger Mick. Blast the flaming war.

Sept 5th Have you ever slept under the bed? The Majority of ;us did last night – we thought it a brilliant idea – Mary and I drew our beds together (in case) and if the warning came we were going to pile all one truck and luggage on top and doss down with a rug and cushion underneath. Being very tired we were in bed by 8 with our window thrown open. The moon (that blinky moon) was rising and the night was clear and bright. We felt we couldn't bear another night of it – Only a few minutes and listen yes there was the warning – Mary's thrill of excitement had quite vanished and she was suffering a reaction and was much more nervous than I. We

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