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No stranger ever breathed her air
But found in her a home
And travellers from distant lands
Have loved her as their own

We all say how we would stay here for water & rest but like the American tourist must go on.
Tomorrow we have planned a very big day. The beautiful dells from the church near by awaken the early and in disappointment I hear it raining heavily but really what care we. The elements are not allowed to damp our spirit though we would rather that the sun were Shining on this beautiful Spot of God's world as we see it. At 8 a. we alight our [indecipherable] jaunting cars. It is still showery but surely never has any air been so delightfully fresh and still and then the novelty of riding in these cars behind the bonniest of horses. It is all so full of beauty that I could never give you a picture of it in words. WEE are driving now to see the middle & Cower takes '15 miles! The scenery in all directions is soft & charming. The old stone walls by the roadside mostly covered with ivy and moss and ferns of different kinds spraying out. The huge forests of trees with furry moss creeping over them, the rocky mossy rounds, the untrained hedges of holly trees & rhododendrons which must be gorgeous in the Summer and foliage growing in profusion everywhere. The mists are rising & the mountains are tipped in snow and we catch glimpses of the rippling lakes here and trees all the way. Our first stopping place is to wander around

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