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The old men and Women and the Mothers with their little children flocking out and Carrying their bits of bedding to spend these cold nights in the forts out here – Tis a place of comparative safety. Whilst others wander out to the fields and creep underneath the haystacks. The poorer class have no cellars and all the underground places in Calais are simply packed. The charming girl in the lace shop says they go down to their cellar, but its horrid and damp and alive with creeping snails.

Oct 31st Such excitement we are going to evacuate we pack ;up and will be prepared to quit at 24 hours notice. You can imagine that there is not a single regret unless it is to leave the beautiful dugout that is now almost finished. Whilst waiting some of the girls are going to Rouen some to a C.C.S. whilst others due for leave are to have it as special leave and that was my fate. I am glad though and I hate to confess it but Calais did take it out of me a bit, and for that reason I have an acute presentiment that I will be classed not strong enough for Italy.

Nov 5th The last day – the dugout is completed is a beauty too with a stove in it and seats. May others reap the benefit.

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