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Friday 28th May 1915
Now that it is not vaccination or inoculation its hot sultry trying weather. We must be nearing the tropics- everyone is appearing in light attire & we have permission to please ourselves from Matron to day of how we dress for dinner. It has been compulsory to wear our grey dresses – red capes & white caps & the effect was very pretty.
We have a lecture every afternoon from 3 to 4 pm. by one of the officers – yesterday Dr Stawell from Melbourne gave us one on Florence Nightingale & a more beautiful & impressive lecture I have never listened to. I think very few of us realised before what a grand woman she was & the good work she accomplished – again I think we all felt proud to be a red cross band going out stimulated to do our little bit.
Last night the red cross boys gave a concert over on the 2nd class deck. The musical part was most enjoyable.
The time seems to pass quickly what with parades – lectures - concerts etc.
This morning we had to practise putting on our life belts & to see they were all in good order. There is an indescribable air

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