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The Princess Mary came in, took the Teapot and poured out tea. She blushed so prettily when one of the boys made some remark to her. After tea we go back to see St Georges' Hall where we had been received. It's a beautiful long hall and the largest room at Windsor. The ceiling, walls and window recesses are decorated with the arms of all the Knights of the Garter from the earliest time to the present while their names are written on the panels of the dads. Prince Alberts name is the last but one. Lord Kitcheners is there too. From there we are escourted out, after walking around the terrace garden, and then walk over to See Eton College, return home and each one feeling they had had quite an eventful day.

April 23rd I don't like telling you yet it's a fact. We're still at the Hotel York. You can imagine how we are feeling about it when we know how very busy the Hospitals are in France. More Hospitals are being sent to France now because there is no assured safety for the wounded to bring them over the sea Crossing. It will be a great disappointment to the boys, for they think its worth a wound to get to Blighty & then they are near home & friends. Many of our Sisters are finding work to do, Some to where they pack & send parcels to the prisoners of war. And others to other places. On Saturday morning Sister McIlroy & I joined 3other Sisters who had been going for some days. There had been a huge order in for moss pads & more help was needed & so we went. This place is a huge building in Cavendish Square & is given over for War

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