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On coming out I heard this message given to our guide "The King wants to see them so you'll have to hurry a bit" Twas most unexpected & such a thrill of pleasure and excited anticipation came over me, for I did want to actually see some of the Royal family before leaving England. We are now piloted up to the Castle and the first State room we enter is the guard room where there is a quantity of trophies of arms arranged around, and most beautiful tiger skins on the floor that Kind Edward brought back from India when he paid a visit there. We are admiring these when someone says "The King and Queen and Princess Mary are now ready to receive you, and will the ladies please let the boys go first." So we go two by two into St George's Hall where I see the 3 of them standing about 3 parts of the way down. As we go on I watch them smiling & bowing & they were charming in their smiles. I am now up to them & see the Sister in front of me gracefully curtseying. I suddenly think I must do the same but ere my knees responded the Queen looks me fully in the face & smiles that I just nodded with the bow. We pass on into the Grand Reception room & I look back & watch the King talking to some of the Patients in such a happy genial way. The Queen's presence in comparison was Stately & Princess Mary looked perfectly sweet. She had on a soft-black frock with plain white cuffs & peter pan collar. She has pretty light brown hair, blue eyes & con lovely complexion.

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