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what it was asked to see the brooch & badge & was keenly interested when hearing it was Australian – for the moment I was made to feel proud, and prouder still when she said with feeling in her voice & moist eyes "How if all the British had been Australians the war would have been over before now" wasn't that topping as they would say in England. Now I am going to put down here for my own special benefit a few words that were delivered by Sir JC & quoted by Rev. Wilde in his Sermon "The Soldier Beyond" these are they "Pertaining to this State of War there is a question which gathers a pathetic interest as the roll of honour lengthens. The Church must seek to know more about the second life so little removed from the present" In this same sermon Mr Wilde quotes these comforting lines of Whittiers.

I know not where His islands left
Their fronded palms in Air
I only know I cannot drift
Beyond His love & care.

A very pleasant evening was spent at Mrs Powells' home at Acton Hill. On coming home another notice up – There is a possibility of not going tomorrow.

Saturday July 17th
PS. You see the possibility proved a reality & we have our luggage in the Hall ready to go at 8am in the morning.. You may guess that the real thing has come.

Au-revoir when you will have a bit of my diary again. Time will tell – until then, Loving Greetings to all.
Anne Donnell

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