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the other two did the work by punting us up the river – I was trying to compose poetry about the scenery – the occupied pretty house-boats we passed – the flowers that grow on slopes down to the waters edge &c but as I was longing for the presence of Sister Pratt to inspire me & she being quite out in (Australia) poetry vanished & I just got a quiet mood & thought of you all and how I wished you could see all the things that I am seeing – Sweet dreams.

Wednesday & Thursday were tit bit days with nothing worth writing about . Friday afternoon another picnic party to Epsom, Leatherhead & Dorking quite as enjoyable as the previous ones, afternoon tea outside &c.

Saturday notice "Going on Monday for Sure". Again to make the most of the time I very much want to visit Manchester to see Mr & Mrs Bulby & Iris, but as it is 200 miles & travelling would make up 10 hours I could not with comfort do it in one day, so ask permission for the night but am refused. I shall be terribly disappointed to have to return to Australia without seeing them – so near & yet so far. Mr Bulby would have come to London had he known that I was still here but I failed to let him know until to-day – the truth was I didn't think it warranted the expense & I was still hoping that an opportunity would present itself. However Mon – being off I turned by thoughts to Leicester 99 ½ miles north, to see Mr Smarts' people whom he had kindly written to & gave me a letter of introduction. Before leaving the Mooltan at Plymouth I had a letter from Mr Smart welcoming me to their place so I went & it was another happy home day. Arrived at dinner time to enjoy more green peas & new potatoes, also

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