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In the afternoon Mrs Long shows us over the Anti Air craft Guns etc.

7th Twas my intention to go straight to Killarney and spend the fortnight there – I craved for rest in some beautiful and quiet country spot away from any reminders of war. My friend Sister McIlroy intended to go to relatives in the North of Ireland for the first week and then join me but alas the best laid schemes etc. On reaching London we learn that Ireland is in a state of grave unrest, and for anyone to appear in uniform there was like putting a red rag to a bull. My thoughts then turn to Devon – Wales – Cornwall or the Isle of Wight – but the others Matron – Sisters Barry – Wakley & [indecipherable] were all in favour of Scotland. I was disappointed in a way for having been there in the winter before I wanted to reserve it for the summer. However we all booked our tickets to Inverness. Stayed two nights in Edinburgh and one at Pitlochry on the way where we went for a lovely drive to the pass of Killicrankie. We walked over the pass for 1 ½ miles. It was so fresh and beautiful too. There was a Scotch mist the whole of the time but as I said before – what care we for the weather. The autumn tints in Scotland are absolutely gorgeous from the palest golden to the deepest red brown and intermingled here and there are the trees with sprays and clusters of

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