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perish – No even if the Staff could weather it – I don't think it would be good for the Patients. Last night 5 tents blew down. One ward tent. 3 Sisters & another one (I asked one of the Sisters if she overslept that made her late on Duty. She replied indignantly "No & you needen't laugh. I coulden't find my clothes". Its funny all the same. The Canadians are in their huts already & the 2nd Ausn's are very comfy – whilst we poor old 3rd which set out from Australia splendidly equipped, full of patriotism & high ideals has had a lot to contend with in all sorts of ways. Colonels will was that it would be second to none but the best laid schemes of mice & men etc.

25th Yesterday afternoon Sisters Rush Mitchell & I walked across to the Sports of the 13th 14th 15th & 16th Battalion of the 4th Brigade. It would have done your hearts good to have seen the boys so well & happy. In fact we all seemed like grown up children & though bitterly cold we all enjoyed it very much. Towards sunset someone shouted out "Our reinforcements" & sure enough there they came marching over the hills. Most of the dispersed to meet them & there was great excitement. As we were on our way up to dinner One officer exclaimed that he had orders to claim 3 Sisters & we 3 immediately volunteered & soon found ourselves in he dining tent at

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