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have been a nicer one.

14th Mrs Newmarch gave us an afternoon tea at the recreation room to-day. Twas very nice. The Welsh band was there, so what could one wish more – I loved their rendering of the Rosary.

15th Miss McConachy called to take me for a motor drive to visit the Flying Corps & the Remount Unit, after the first visit we had 3 punctures so had to come back in a gharry.

16th I have enjoyed many donkey rides but last night's was absolutely perfect. 9 of us went including Matron out on the lovely road to Matarich. The moon was up & the donks good & we just jogged on or cantered as the mood took us. Such a night for dreaming and reminiscing.

18th I went over to Service this a.m. & Major Makeham preached from the text "God loveth a cheerful giver" A beautiful sermon really. The rifle brigade "A band of great old warriors who live in the barracks at the back of our place march in every Sunday morning & 3 parts fill the church. In the afternoon another Sister & I had afternoon tea at Shepheards with two E- Officers – then took a tram to Heliopolis – walked around a bit admiring the fine buildings there & finished up by calling at the Luna Park, having a ride on the Scenic railway & down the water shoot etc. Its converted into a pretty & attractive Gaiety Show.

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