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The beautiful beautiful snow – we have had a lot lately – and better than anything in all England I love the Snow – its [indecipherable] cold before it snows but we have to face it in going backwards and forwards over the cabbage patch to our home 'a walk of 15 mts'. Then the pure soft white snow comes floating and twirling gently downwards through the air until it finally settles bringing warmth with it. The roads ad paths are white and even the cabbages pretty to look upon the white snow covering their big green leaves – I washed my face with snow – this morning and the glow was delightful.

I have been able to go to Bexhill to see those dear people again Mrs Robjohn & family. And had a lovely day but I had to pull myself together to be at home and at ease. Such a silly strange feeling possessed me. I think in our travels we have grown very independent and then suddenly to meet with attention and loving thought. It came as a shock and I nearly cried to find I was so weaned away from home and social ways – but they were such perfect dears and I came away feeling how good it was to know people like this – for it makes you realise how very charming the English can be.

I must tell you the4 bit of news that I heard there 'it will set you wondering'. Mrs S Robjohns [indecipherable] friend's Husband was on Lord

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