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bursting shrapnel – which immediately after the flashes look like puffs of smoke. It eventually comes pattering down like heavy raindrops on the roof. Then the sharp and sudden flashes as the guns go off almost blinds me. Once when Matron and I were standing at the window, down comes an awful whiz and thus "That's a dud or still case" says Matron. In the morning I find a hole a few yards from our room. A patient digs down 4 feet and brings up a heavy shell case. I will bring it back as a souvenir. Souvenirs are plentiful this morning.

Sept 4th I am feeling so white, limp & helpless this morning – don't think too seriously of that remark. Its due to another Air raid last night. And 18 Aeroplanes up above gave us five solid hours of it. It began at 9pm. And it was terrific until 2am. It's the most beautiful day to-day. Its warm. The sun is shining and theres the bluest of blue skies, to me it seems a satire on the memory of the night or what I can remember of it. I know I took to my bed and stayed there, only getting up once to see the flames of a great fire a short distance away. That ceaseless drone of the enemy – how I hate it. And our barrage too – and the deafening noise and our helplessness. In - the folk sought shelter in cellars, but we had absolutely no shelter. The patients say this morning that they would rather be up in the front lines under Artillery barage than

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