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sea-saws and Gemnastic rails etc. The children come early and have a great time before school goes in and with the exercise in the fresh air get up such rosy colours. It does them a world of good and they love it. Sometimes I feel like a kid myself and have a swing too. I think I am right in saying that these grounds are supported by the Borough of Brighton. What we could call our District councils. Perhaps in the near future we will have similar places for our children. A wounded soldier who cannot now follow his old occupation takes care of it for them and he seems very contented in doing it.

In looking over my last letter how very indignant I was when I penned those last few lines to you about the order re not being allowed to speak to the boys. Its all over and things are going on in the same old way. Twas simply ignored by the majority but some were too heated to do that and made a fuss – The British Aus took it up and there were letters written and published but it was Sir John McCall that got satisfaction for us. On investigation it was

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