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best at Lemnos & forgive my saying it (Seeing) I'm one of em) but our Sisters are just fine & I am more proud than I can say that I am one of em. One Top [indecipherable] officer remarked to No 1. 'On coming down from Lemnos' that if No 3 Sisters came within cooee of them They would have to look to Their laurels. We were envied by most by doing real active Service & roughing it as we did. We have many Smiles over our experiences now & when we first arrived in Cairo we were known as those Shabby Sisters with the bright colour'. We took it as a compliment rather. The former was soon remedied but I'm sorry to say we are losing the latter in This horrible dirty Cairo – Now for the Hospital – It was formerly the old Abbassia barracks – tis a few minutes walk across from the home. It's a huge block of buildings & when it is all finally renovated (excepting for the locality) it will be a suitable and beautiful Hospital, the largest in Egypt. We will be able to take in 1300 patients. There are 24 large spacious airy wards with some 50 – some 80 7 q00 beds. The first 4 wards were opened on Feb 16th & the 1st 200 boys came to us from No 2 Ghezirah Hsp on the 18th. I was one of the 1st 16 Sisters to be on duty. Now the wards are all open & we are working hard. One does fell the drawback of Military red Tape. Yet I suppose it has to be. Just to give you an idea of the bigness of the wards – The length of 4 is equal to a ¼ of a mile. Tonight on coming on we discover

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