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loves me. Nobody cares – so come to my old friends – don't think I'm down in the dumps – its only the tremendous heat – one simply has no energy, honestly we haven't ceased sweating since 3 days out from Australia.
We anchored at Aden at 8am & to my surprise found the scenery very picturesque – so unlike anything we had yet seen. The huge brown barron hills without the sign of vegetation & at their base the buildings of various sizes in white red & grey. I badly wanted to use my camera but in going up found a notice to say – Snapshots strictly forbidden. I suppose on account of it being a garrison Town & the war boats about. A French boat laden with Troops for the Dardanelles was there & we cheered them off at noon – then at 2pm we were cheered off by other boats. It was lovely to hearsee The Allies flags flying from them as we wended our way on. Some passengers went ashore & motored out to the wells but I was afraid of the heat. Fancy it only rains at Aden about every 20 years.
It's come at last Two notices up. The Egyptian Staff & the R.A.M.C. girls to disembark at Suez on Monday. We will miss them. So far no news of our fate.

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