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Yesterday 4 of us obtained 4 hrs leave to go for a drive & though we can scarcely keep our eyes open 'we are so Sleepy' we enjoy seeing these spots. The alleged spot where Moses was in the bulrushes – The oldest Coptic Church in Egypt. The ancient City of Babylon. The old Slave Markt & the present cemetery, where our soldiers are buried. Of these again the camera will tell the tale.

This little tit-bit I meant to have mentioned before – that the Arrogan is stranded on its own bottles in Mudros Harbour – glass not brass. Serve them right.

13th The Hospital seems to be emptying fast. Yesterday morning crowds went away by the Runic & more today by the Karoola.

I'm feeling helplessly flat again, for on reading the orders for the day I see we must be inoculated for Cholera. When we come back we'll be walking bacteriologists for germs, but what will it feel like to have a few will again?

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