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around the huge castle. The river Arun gently flows down the Arun Valley near I think, we would call the rivers here 'baring the Thames' levelled creeks in Australia' – Well I only hope I shall be able to see this place again in the springtime' – lucky Anne Say you Yes and I realise it.

Of the War and our work I feel I cannot write. We have our busy and our slack times and I have been fortunate to be left in the one ward and we are a happy trio Sister Linklater Yeaman & myself. Have been so happy that I am delaying applying for my leave and I'm Afraid when I come off night duty that I'll be moved to fresh faces. Its hard always being tossed around and adapting oneself to strange people and especially does it hurt when they wear the two stars and yet you know in your heart that if experience counts you are more entitled to them than they. I'm afraid this distinction will cause dissention – its not a fair go as the boys say. For the majority of the work. They do the night duty which is always trying in – in Social thought the two stars are more than one – In accommodation they have the preference – and perhaps we could forget the preference – and perhaps we could forget all that only that is not for us either.

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