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Abbasia, Cairo


Since we have known definitely that we are really leaving Egypt I have had quite a little ache – Yes. I'm truly sorry to say good-bye to all the interesting things here. On the whole it has been a happy free time. We'll miss the beautiful Nile. For some weeks now the water has been flowing down from Abbysian hills somewhere away in Africa & it is in full flood and such a sight to see from the Pyramid. There is quite another river up there with feluccas & boats sailing on it. It seems strange to think all this water has come here after a long (M record) hot summer & without a sprinkle of rain. Then we'll miss the Niggers too with their fascinating ways & picturesque dress & colours. The veiled women – The fine Egyptian Menfolk in their red Tarbouches & their charming courteous manner – The persistent street sellers. The gay funerals & weddings which one never fails to see if you go into Cairo. The domes & Minarets & Tombs & to say nothing of the pleasure the donks gave us. Then there's my little garden coming on so nicely with sweet peas – mignonette and pansies &c and the seeds coming from Aus just made me love it. But its farewell

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