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his lectures because they stand out - above the & we find them uplifting. I wish I could convey the thoughts he gives to us in writing but I know I should spoil them in the attempt & will only mention his concluding words in which he explains the way peace will be brought about " The peace that is to bring peace to the world is the "Peace of humanity"
Another parade of our hospital this a m. when we were inspected by Surgeon General Babtie – another noted man. You may remember he won the V.C. by saving the life of Lord Roberts' son. Though he afterwards died.
The Egyptian Nurses Officers & men will soon be leaving us now.
Irene Brown is playing – Tis the first time she has deigned to do anything to make the time pass pleasantly. One usually sees her standing about with a suspicious expression & a cigarette in her mouth. The Nurses bore her almost to distraction & she was heard to say. "Bother those d- nurses. One even can't get rid of them on land. they even come to the best hotels.
There's a lot of tit-bits that go on on the boat, but enough for to-night.

Friday June 11th
At sunset in the red sea, I feel like nobody

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