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38 Stationery Hospital
B.E.F.     France

Here I am again when I sent the last letter I thought it would be the last for a long time to come, because of being cooped up in this uninteresting place – however, some things come along that I think might interest you – And this time I am giving you copies of entries made in my diary during the last fortnight you may find them boring after seeing so much in the papers about air raids, bombs etc, but these are actually my own experiences and as you have had them up to date I will give these to you – asking pardon if they are nasty.

August 28th there is a terrific storm on and we are not in the huts yet. If you could only see us this morning, you would understand us pouring out blessings on the Army. I believe they think Australian women can stand anything and smile on – just as I put down Smile one Sister comes puddling along in the mud with her arms laden and saying "OK dear we haven't had such fun since the old cow died". I am being pampered – having had a touch of neuralgia – and as we are not busy Matron says I am to stay in out of the cold. Her intentions are good, but the weather will have its way – and there is no shelter unless we take possession of the huts. The storm sprang up in

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