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disappointed at missing Italy and would I like to be sent later. The next thing I had to do was to follow into no 2 Stat Hsp where she again looked up her books and decided to change my destination to 48 C.C.S. I felt flat once more but summed up enough courage to ask if I might go with my friend. She had been nice and approachable up till then but her manner froze at the question. As if to be with friends meant nothing I thought of what one of our girls said once "Truly everything is thrown at you in the Military truly they have no manners at all".

As soon as I could I went to see about my luggage but it had all gone to 49 which meant I was without it for a fortnight and I lived in borrowed clothes that the English Sisters kindly lent me – Another wretched night I couldn't take kindly to this separation from all Australians. In the morning my final orders came for 48 C.C.S. It meant waiting all day in Amiens for 3 other Sisters were joining up in the evening and coming too – I wandered down the street. And saw over the beautiful Cathedral the one that we French have paid such an enormous sum for to the Germans to leave untouched – saw the sweetly pathetic little status of 'The Weeping Angel' On coming out I hear a paper boy calling "The joy bells are ringing in London' I bought the paper and felt wonderfully cheered up.

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