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10th letter

Same place

You seem such a long long way away that you must excuse me for the above.

The Bairam is over. The 4 days feast that follows Ramadan. The boys were all restricted from going into Cairo. I expect they thought they might be mischievous and perhaps interefere with their religious rites.

To-day Sister Rush was taken from E Ward and put in charge of a Surgical Ward. Top [indecipherable] for a Staff Nurse. But I shall miss her.

We are kept on the qui vie of what might be happening at the Canal. We hear all sorts of things, but one never knows quite how much to believe.

Sunday 6th Matron has gone away for 2 days to see about a place at the seaside where she could send the Sisters to for a change – no doubt so many pale faces are worrying her – yet considering the heat some keep remarkably well. I am thankful to say I am one of them but all the same I wouldn't say no to a few days at the sea-side fancy the waves & a swim again.

There is evidently something on with the Turks for the wounded are arriving. It makes me wish to be in a Surgical Ward. One doesn't like to be out of the excitement of things but theres rules – (so sorry)

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