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come upon Lord Roberts' again – Sir Edward Grey & others. Looking up we see some seats without flags & learn that they belonged to German folk but had now been removed. Ere we left the Dean spoke a few helpful words to us and gave us his blessing, wasn't it dear of him? Here as in the Abbey we see the most beautiful tombs. I'll only mention a few. The late Emperor Frederick of Germany – Earl and Countess of Lincoln. Prince Imperial of France who was a young man and died in the Zulu War. The Duke of Kent & Princess Charlotte who was the only child of George 1V here I thought was exceptionally fine it appealed to me so much so that I was lost in raptures before it & awakened to hear the doors being locked. Next we go to the Curfew tower, that old, old historic place. We heard the old clock strike 4. The bells only ring out on Royal days and Saint days etc. Now in brief we are shown the stables. Carriages & the most beautiful grey horses 70 in all of the royal family, then finished up by walking around the Castle, the grounds & the view from there is indescribable. Eton College was pointed out in the near distance. Had tea then back again – encouraging the driver to exceed the speed Limit as we were going to the theatre by invitation of the Garrick Theatre to 6r be careful. Arriving back with 10 mts to tidy ourselves – into taxi & off. All 80 went indoor uniform scarlet capes, white caps etc. Circle seats and first Stalls were reserved for us. The uniform I think is bright and effective, also simple. We enjoyed the play immensely. To the leading star was handed up the lovliest lovliest bouquet of pink roses (?4.0.0) with a kangaroo on top &

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