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well but no visitors allowed." And by no persuasive powers of mine could see either Stella or the baby, though the nurse put forth my pleas to the Matron but no "only Husbands and Mothers could come in" Stella being an orphan and her husband in France, surely I, one of her dearest friends could see her – And who would have nursed her had we been in Australia and especially as I was returning to France in the morning but with all my fight I had to finally go tearfully away. I was
so indignant and utterly fed up as I retraced my steps – walked until it was dark, then wandered into Flemings for Tea or to wile away an hour until church time. Now for instance My encountered with the Matron was so typical and will you some idea of why there is at times clashes between the England and Australians. A rule is a rule with them to which moderation or reason does not apply – while we will I trust at least would put a would put a little thought and heart into the everyday things of life. And under certain circumstances you may not agree with me but tis said now – and I am going to give an instance of how different others can be. Sitting opposite me at Flemings was a Mother & daughter & seeing they were nice and feeling I must talk to somebody I opened up a conversation by inquiring if they tell me what time

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