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for the British Australian paper "of which I hope to send you a copy" I have simply lived in the past centuries. Three of us planned for the day to do West Minister Abbey & the Tower of London of what that involved those of you can have no conception who have not seen them. At least I know I couldn't, so I will do my best to tell you a little. Truly we are finding our way about wonderfully well, but never without the aid of our amiable encyclopaedia as we call "The London policemen". Matron told us they were the most delightful people on earth & so they are. The order here is marvellous. Those of us who go about in uniform have a distinct Courtesy shown to us which is lacking if wearing civilian cloths. So I say the wise wear uniform, besides I think we should if only to advertise what the Commonwealth is doing for the Empire. We often meet Canadian Nurses in fact one of them took our photos to send to the Canadian papers. Well, I haven't started taking you to the back centuries yet & it's nearing 10pm. On entering the Abbey fortunate favoured us again by being in time for Service & later on was there for the intercession Service which is held daily at noon. The impression conveyed to me from the Two Cathedrals was this – that when St Pauls was solidly grand, the Abbey was spiritually reverent. This may be on account of the age of the buildings, where St Paul's is practically modern being completed in the early part of the 17th century & the Abbey 1266. Though the oldest part dates back to 1066. In every part of the building your interest is held but time won't permit. The poets' corner I lingered in

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