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Yesterday a party of 50 of us went for a ride on camels & donkeys across the desert to the Sakkara pyramids & then to see some old Tombs which date back to 3000 years before Christ. When we started off at 9 a.m. it was fearfully windy & dusty & we experienced a dust storm in the desert. It made us realise what our boys went through on their long marches when they first came over. However it calmed down & we enjoyed the novel outing immensely, but to-day most of us are stiff & sore, but I was glad, it was such a good excuse to stay in and have a quiet time with you all, and I have enjoyed it even better than the outing. The mails must have been very irregular of late & I am anxious to let you know that all is well.
Tomorrow morning we South Australians are going to Miss Graham to get our Xmas parcels that were sent . She has been keeping them for us on account of us not being settled. This is the very last page of my diary – I lingeringly say farewell once again. The sun is sinking behind the pyramids. The girls are flocking back for dinner and I am thinking of bed & hoping my dreams will visit you.
Again thanking you & loving you for all you have done.
Sincerely yours -
Anne Donnell.

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