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about. I suppose it is the risk just now. We are told to be prepared for anything. There are 13 hundred lives on board & they seem to think we would be a good haul for the Germans & especially too as we carry a lot of amunition. The name of the "Mooltan" has been crossed out. A platform has been made at the end of the boat so as a gun can be placed on when we reach more dangerous waters..
Another concert is about to take place. So Goodnight again.

Sunday 31.5.1915
We are still going on & on – the weather becoming more trying each day. How I long for one of those cold nights at Mt. Lofty. The electric fans are going day and night – we expect to reach Colombo about 8 pm Tuesday.
Learning French is the rage amongst the nurses & as there are a few French men on board they have agreed to give us lessons. The general thought is that our destination will be the South of France. So we want to be able to understand the wants of the French boys.
Divine Service is held twice a day on Sundays & we escape lectures.

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