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It rather upset Mary to see old ladies so cantankerous to each other, she could only see the pathos in the pettiness and she'll never to again, thought the good work was spoils' but I could only see the funny part, and for instance, Ms M was rather late & when "Now we're under Martial law" you may wonder what the Moss picking process is. Its first picked from the bogs, mores, & mountain sides and sent in sack to these places, then its dried and the pickers take out the prickles & little sticks. Its then ready for making into pads, and these pads are used for dressings, and to a great extent take the place of cotton wool, Mrs Bent says the moss besides being a deoderant is a natural disinfectant and contains a quantity of Iodine. I can quite beleive it she is right for you recognise at once that she is a clever old lady. The wife of an Explorer & went with him in his travels. I would think that she had passed the allotted span some years ago. Yet here she has been for 6 months constantly picking moss. Yes, I have a genuine admiration for these old ladies who work so, and if they do snap p I don't think even a shadow would be cast besides the work. And everywhere in England you realise how the women & girls have turned up trumps.

Last Friday Sister Mitchell & I went out to see Sister Rush at St Alban's Convalescent Home for Australian Sisters. Poor old Rush is having difficulty

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