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went as hard as they could & we couldn't stop them. Oh dear how we laughed – yet I was terrified. I couldn't possibly hold on much longer, however I did manage to – but you can picture me – bonnet off hair flying & screaming for help. One Sister fell off – but fortunately wasn't hurt – all this for -/3 a ride. On our way home we passed Queen Alexandra in her carriage – She bowed & smiled at the Uniform but only few saw her.

So ended another enjoyable day.

On Tuesday Miss Mears from N.S.W. escourted Sister Daw Reid & myself to Hampton Court – bus & trains – Now this is a glorious spot first of all it's the largest Palace in Eng. 1000 rooms in all but 4/5 of them are allotted to Widows whose husbands had rendered Meritorious Service to the State, either by army or navy – Mrs Chamberlain has rooms there also Captain Scott's Mother. The Terraces & flowers around are the very finest I have seen in Eng. We went into the maze & got lost. I couldn't possibly describe the things we saw in the Courts. The old tapestry work some of it purchased in Flanders by George 7 – The Kings Gallery built by Sir Christopher Wren for William 111. The carving in oak of this they tell us is the finest in the world – made of pure gold, silver & silk. To go through the rooms and see them to-day as the same as when William 111 & Cardinal Wolsley lived there was interesting, the beds the same, with magnificence drapery – In W-111 room there stood a clock which hasn't ceased ticking for 200 years. When twilight came we hired a punt for an hour – Sister Daw & I lay back on Soft Cushions in luxurious style whilst

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