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our families have been considerably increased. Now I have 61 Next door Sister James has 110 but she has another Sister with her & all the wards are just the same. 28th About an hour ago & tis now 3am. A message came for the reserve Sisters that were on duty that they had to be ready by 8 to go & rejoin their own units No 1 & 2 preparatory to them going to France – What joy they are so delighted & They deserve to go for they did the work here during the Trying Summer last year & after all its only human to crow of No 3 in the joy of their good luck. Rumour says they are going to a big Hospital there. On March 6th Colonel de Crespigny left us and took over No 1. Colonel Newmarsh has taken his peace here. There are whisperings of Colonel Fiaschi coming back but we know nothing definite.

I have such a lot I want to tell you – especially of our Luxor Trip & I am sorry but I must lay this aside & bide another opportunity for at present the work is strenuous. The weather trying & one can find no privacy for writing then again the craze for inoculation for almost everything is in full Swing. How I do hate it. A fortnight ago we were done for para Typhoid A the 1st dos I felt I nearly died & it has left me quite nervy. Now the 2nd dose is being given. Then we're to be done for para typhoid B – followed by inoculation dysentery – then a rumour is afloat for Meningitis

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