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disadvantage that we couldn't understand them. The sun was unbearably hot outside though everything inside was lovely and cool.
There are a crowd of Officials gathered near & consulting together with thoughtful faces – so I'd better retire.

Tuesday 8th
Please excuse the writing of this. The inoculation I had yesterday of "250 Million Typhoid germs" had made me so ill that I have kept to my bed today. My cabin mate laughs at me for as soon as the doctor gives the injection I make a bee line for the fruits salts - consequence -She is up and enjoying life while I am down to it. How my whole life resents the injections of any "poisons". "I know it is done out of kindness for our protection" yet if I could I would get out of having it & there is one more in store yet.
The weather is becoming more and more trying each day. The Stewardess says she has been on the boat - for 10 years & it is the hottest trip she has known – also it's never been so overcrowded with passengers. Several more came on at Bombay including the Rajah of Bohum, the Princess & their attendants. I am never tired of looking at the princess. She looks

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