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ishness and goodness, and braveness that was sadness and suffering and death – when only to work was to live. There was Fritz – to say nothing of the bitter cold ice & snow. After 2 months my bodily strength gave out and I was sent away to the Sick Sisters at Abbeville then on to tis bit of heaven to convalesce.

Feb 8th I have only a week more – I did hope to remember you all first but the surroundings are so charming & there is so much to see. There was Mentone & The Italian frontier – where a Frenchman sits on one side of the soil & an Italian on the other – its separated by a huge gorge between mountains. After some persuasion the I let us cross – write some P.C. & see an I town in the distance. There was Nice – Monoca Palace – Monte Carlo. The Casino & the shops are most fascinating – especially those at Nice- theres the olive wood – daum & Galle – beads – lace & precious stones – And the flowers but best of all I love the scenery all along the coast – the blue sky – the warmth & sunshine & the Sweet Scent of the Mimosa. The hillsides are now a mass of gold. Then the congeniality of the inmates here & the comfort & VAD's in all kinds of uniform – English regulars – Terrins – 9 aimnsr's Canadians South Africans Americans etc etc.

I am very much stronger physically & mentally for which I am truly thankful – And now I am going to leave you – but I ask you not cast too critical an eye on this letter.

Yours with love
Anne Donnell

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