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and will be more so when the undulating, sloping, irregular hills
& mountains all covered in green. Then there are the scattered picturesque Greek villages to be seen. On close view the green is peeping up now. The harbour is very pretty indeed - right before me now as I glance around I can count a 100 boats of different kinds, one is put in mind of Sydney. Only in place of the pretty pleasure loving Ferrys – put Gun boats etc. The Sisters say they have never seen sunrises & sunsets to equal those they see here. Over the Harbour
& the grey distant hills. Just opposite here across the bay is the rest camps for the men coming from the Peninsula. We can see them going on the Peninsula. We can see them going on their marching routes – playing cricket etc. They very often send invitations across for the Sisters to go to their entertainments & we of course just love going – just at present they are the thinnest few left of our 1st, 2nd & 4th Brigades – the dear old brave things we feel we cant do enough for them. We have a number in Hospital suffering chiefly from Dysentery and Jaundice. There are ever so many Hospitals here – extending landwards from ours we come to the 2nd Ausn – Stationery Hsp continuing on to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Canadian then comes the Convalescent camps. The

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