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I hoped never to mention inoculation again but Cholera has broken out & there is a notice up for us all to be done again. Experience has taught me that its easier to take it & beat it than it is to try and get out of it but how I do hate it. It seems a funny thing it breaking out with out boys. The Turks diddent get it & Theresa strong suspicion that cholera germs were put in the drinking water. Isnt that a wicked thing to do? Then sad news has just arrived to say that at the "Taj" Mahar in Bombay one OC – his orderley & 3 Mos & 2 of our Sisters all died suddenly of it. It gave us quite a shock. The 2 Sisters O'Grady & Power were with us here & such bonnie girls. Now the question arises was it Cholera they died of or were they poisoned. What a History Australia will have to tell when the war is over.

Sept 1st Our wattle day but I diddent realise it until this evening. Our Hospital was all astir early this morning in getting away over 300 of our boys & sending them back to you. I can imagine the reception you'll be giving these for what they have done. To see them off & the good byes just made me wish for awhile that I could go back with them.

In all the letters every one tells of the rain rain rain you are having. Its beautiful isn't it to have the promise of such a good season?

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