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Monday. Notice Our departure is prospones – we are glad in many ways to see more of L – yet we feel we ought to be of use now & have our pleasure afterwards. Monday will never be forgotten. The Motor as usual being outside the Hotel at 2pm and with it the late Agent General for S.A. The Hon J.G. Jenkins & his wife. They had been asked to accompany us to see that we were looked after as regards nourishment etc. Mrs Jenkins asked if she might sit between two S.A.s & the honour fell to Sister Daw & myself. It was very nice for she pointed out all the spots of interest on the way. This outing was to Burnham Beeches, a beautiful drive 25 miles West of L. On the way we saw the smallest house in L. The coffin placed on Top of a many stories house by Druce – J.M. Barries house – The dogs cemetery in Kensington Gardens Kensington Palace where Q. Victoria was born – The old Duke of Wellingtons house – The Duke of Devonshire & The Duke of Rutlands & last but not least The Zeppelin Guns placed on the Gate of Hyde Park. After 2 hours lovely drive we arrive at Burnham Beeches & there afternoon tea is already on a long table on the grass under a huge cherry tree. The cherries just colouring. We do justice to the meal & have an hour to ramble in the woods. The moss you walk on is like treading soft spring couches & the ferns grow in abundance under the shady trees. But above all we have quite a unique experience. Go for Donkey rides. Me above all who cannot ride at all – to attempt a donkey. I can assure you I felt the biggest donkey. On the first round 9 started off & we couldn't get them to get a move on more than a trot – then suddenly they

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