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there I get fresh orders to proceed to 49 C.C.S. /British casualty Clearing Station and alone – Twas almost too much but I thought of the Sermon and would not be downhearted. There was 4 hours before the train started – so received permission to go up to No 3. It was just lovely too seeing the old original and the left behinds from 38. Most of them envied me the C.C.S. but I never was enthusiastic over a C.C.S. & especially since the raids at C_. Now as the Train drew in at Abbeville Sister Yeaman popped her head out of the window. "Come along Anne" deal old Yeam 'An O No 3' there were 4 others Aus – Sisters there too all going to 49 – Yeam & I were delighted at the meeting – arranged to share and chatted away at full tilt. Till we reached Amiens there an Ambulance was meeting us and Taking us to our destination. Now why – oh why did the following happen. Truly I must need some schooling still. Anxious to know if the luggage had come on I was delayed a few minutes behind the others – then in crossing the road to join them two brilliant lights from a motor car flashed on to me just as the car stopped And a voice called out "Sister Sister where are you going and who are you?" Surely I thought can that be Miss McCarthy (The Matron-in-Chief in France. I glanced at the red and ribbons and her bright keen brown eyes & knew it was. On learning who I was etc she then looked up her book by the light of the car and asked me if I was very

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