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[Page 184]

Still Hotel [indecipherable]
Berners Street, London
April 12 .19th

Please address 3rd A 9th own abroad

My dear Friends
Yes, we are still here. It does seem very dreadful – 92 Sisters in idleness for a whole month but we can only wait in patience. We believe the shipping is the great difficulty. You will know how dangerous the seas are at present – when even Hospital Ships are being torpedoed. I wish we could wait in the country – and to stay away a night is not permitted. London is very fascinating & there is always plenty to do & see – but the weather is cold and disagreeable & snows every day. Every one says what an exceptionally severe winter it has been. I go out very little, but always take advantage of the sunshine when it does appear and then usually go for walks in Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens. I know them rather well now & its interesting watching the riding in Rotten Row. I don't think the majority ride well and the horses are poor. I love best to watch the lovely children one always sees in the parks with their nurses & by the river where the children go to play is the sweetest statue in bronze of Peter Pan. The dog's Cemetery is near there too, with the little Tombstones – and when I read the inscriptions on them & look at the fresh flowers that are on the little graves of these bygone pets.

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